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A Price that matches your goals

Here at Vesta Music we value a pragmatic and customised approach. We take time to get to now all potential clients and we focus on making a pricing model that matches your business’ goals.

API Solution

Connect our services to your panel
$ 125 - 2'500 Monthly
  • 1,000 + Tracks
  • API Integration
  • Unlimited Artists
  • In Depth Analytics
  • Direct Customer Service
  • Other Options Depending on Needs

Dashboard solution

An all inclusive solution
$ 125 - 2'500 Monthly
  • 1,000 + Tracks
  • Dashboard Integration To Your System
  • Unlimited Artists
  • Dashboard Treated Analytics
  • Customer Support
  • Other Options Depending on Needs

Custom Deal

To Match Your Exact Needs
$ 500 + Monthly
  • Anything Custom
  • Whatever You May Need

Tailor-Made Pricing

A pricing that fits your ambitions

The prices listed on this page are only for reference. We are always open to proposition from potential clients. In the past, we have catered different pricing model including pay per upload, royalty collections, one time payments, or any combination of these.

We strive to find a solution that allows your business to thrive because if you succeed, we also succeed. 

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